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Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing tailor-made medicines for patients.

Compounded medicines are made from scratch in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient as per the prescribers’ instructions.

Compounding benefits include:
• Medicines are delivered in dosage forms not usually commercially available such as liquids for people that cannot swallow tablets.
• The flavour of the medicine can be changed.
• They are suitable for people with allergies to lactose or gluten.
• Medicines that are unavailable or discontinued can be made.
• They deliver the exact amount required to give the optimum dosage.

Compounding is not just for humans!  We can also create medicines for your animal family member.

Harvest Lakes 24/7 Pharmacy is open 24 hours a day
After hours pharmacy Pharmacy

Harvest Lakes Pharmacy is open till late.  23 Gibbs Road, Atwell, Perth, WA, 6164

Phone: 086363 5841

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